Trust, Commitment, Quality

OpluSoft is a Technology Company with more than 13 years in the market. It develops not only tailor-made systems for its clients, but also cutting edge projects, such as its great success case, “”.

Integrity with clients

The goal of our projects is to provide the best and most efficient solution, to meet the technological needs of our clients in an economical manner.


The trust our clients place on OpluSoft is greatly rewarded with high quality work that is delivered on time.


Our commitment in all our projects is with our clients and their satisfaction. Our work team strives to find the best technological solution according to their budgets and requirements


We have an excellent and well prepared group of professionals who use their knowledge and experience to create and develop high quality technological solutions.


comercio electronico
comercio electronico


With the development of an e-commerce platform based on the technology used for, the OpluSoft team has the best and widest experience in the development of e-commerce. <

diseño paginas web
diseño paginas web


With the best design team, OpluSoft allows your company to have a presence in the internet, developing pages that are completely tailor-made and with the best technology, thus allowing a rapid presence of your portal in search engines such as Google and Bing.

consultoria sistemas
Consultaría de Sistemas


With more than 13 years in the market, we have acquired ample experience in the development of systems and process consulting, and the OpluSoft team is willing to support you in what you and your company require, offering the best solution to your problems and enabling you to be always at the cutting edge of technology.

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